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what is SMAX?

SMAX is a team based fantasy sports experience where fan bases compete against each other along side the sports teams they represent. Team up with your favorite professional sports team to bring the competition to the digital field. Team members compete with other teams by flexing their sports smarts and smax talk skills.

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SMAX is available as a Windows 8.1 application. The app is currently in beta and is available through a closed beta with limited openings.

Get score updates and comments from other fans

Find and join your favorite teams

Flex your trash talk skills and score points for your SMAX nation

Earn points by predicting the final score

What you'll need to join the beta:

  • Any Windows 8.1 device
  • A Microsoft account (used to get a developer license to allow side loading)
  • A Facebook account that is registered as a Facebook Developer
    • If you are not registered as a facebook developer you will receive instructions to register when we set you up as a test user for our app

Here is how to join the beta:

  1. Download the app here
  2. Unpack the zip file
  3. Run the Add-AppDevPackage.ps1 file using PowerShell (side load the app)
    1. Right click on the PS1 file and select "Run With PowerShell"
  4. Follow the prompts to side load the app. You may be asked to sign in with your Microsoft account to get a Developer License (free)
  5. Launch App

How to SMAX

  1. The first order of business is to join a Nation. The Join Nations button takes you to the Nations page. This page can also be used to see the Total Scores for each Nation. You can switch Leagues at the top of the page by tapping on a League.
  2. The activities you perform in a League, predicting Games and posting comments, earn your Nation within that League points.
  3. The points you score for your Nation are applied to the upcoming Game the actual teams are competing in. You are competing against the opposing team’s fan base so make predictions for as many Games as you can. It certainly helps to be as close as possible! Your comments in the SMAX discussion board for each Game also earn you and your Nation points.
  4. SMAX will post your activities to Facebook so your friends can follow along or jump in and contribute! (or compete against you).

coming soon

  • Achievement badges and trophies
  • Full web based experience
  • Season SMAX standings for each SMAX Nation
  • New ways to score points
  • Additional leauges and sports such as Soccer, Hockey, and Baseball

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